Who will be there on the day of our wedding?

There are some wedding photography and wedding filmmaking companies that book events and then outsource the work. That’s not how I do things. On your wedding day it’ll either be me, Stephanie, filming or photographing solo, or me and my husband Ed who second shoots for me on busier days and knows my style and equipment better than anyone else.

What’s your approach?

Whether filming or photographing your wedding, I take a non-intrusive approach. Either solo or together with my husband Ed, we will move around to carefully capture the action and details of your wedding day from many different angles. We want you to feel happy and relaxed, and this is best achieved when you, your family and your friends aren’t conscious of us or our cameras. Weddings are personal, private events, not film sets, and we approach each wedding day with a great deal of care and respect. We will speak to your vicar, celebrant or registrar before your ceremony begins to check with their house rules and make sure that we can capture everything we need to tell your story without interfering with the day’s events.

The only times we might offer a little bit of guidance or direction are during morning preparations, for example guiding you into the best light to put on your dress or adjust your tie, or quietly and carefully moving a few items around to clear some space in a busy room. We will also guide you when we join you for photographs and footage of the two of you together.

How much space does your equipment take up?

Ed and I keep our kit as small as possible with a backpack each containing our cameras, microphones and lenses, and a separate bag which contains our support equipment; monopods, tripods, and lighting stands. Where possible, we tuck this big bag away with the DJ or band, or keep it in our car out of everyone’s way.

When filming your ceremony and your speeches we prefer to use a tripod for the ‘master shot’, but the rest of the day we are on monopods or a glidecam which take up no more space than our own two feet. Our cameras are small, compact models made by Panasonic, Sony and Blackmagic. In fact, we’re often mistaken for photographers at first glance, before guests spot our on-camera microphones.

Will I need to wear a microphone?

No matter how pretty the footage may be, without good quality audio it only represents half your story. We use a combination of on-camera and off-camera microphones and recorders to capture high quality audio.

During your ceremony we will place a small microphone pack at the front of the ceremony room, either in the groom’s top pocket with the lavalier microphone hidden behind his buttonhole, or on the officiant if neither of your outfits has a logical place to position the pack. This microphone is turned on just before your ceremony begins, and only records your vows.

For your speeches, we will work with the venue’s sound system to get a clean audio track. We often have three or four options for audio running at any one time.

What happens if it rains or is gloomy?

We carry daylight balanced video lights and stands with us to all weddings, and flash guns for wedding photography. We use external lighting for the dancing by default, and have the option of using it for your ceremony and speeches if we need to. Our cameras have large sensors to cope with dark churches and winter weddings in the UK. If it rains, we’ll bring umbrellas and get creative to ensure we capture everything we need to.

How many hours do you film/photograph for?

When you book us, you book us for the whole day. We typically arrive 3 – 4 hours before your ceremony is due to begin, and stay with you for the first 2 – 3 songs your DJ or band play to capture some high-energy dancing footage. That usually amounts to about 10 hours, but every wedding is different.

When do we get to watch our films or see our photos?

This depends on which package you have chosen and the time of year you get married. I deliver physical copies within eight weeks, but it can be much sooner. I compile the highlights first, usually within two to three weeks of the wedding. Wedding photography is a much quicker turn around.

What do you wear?

You need not worry about us spoiling your aesthetic by wearing jeans to your wedding. Ed and I dress smartly to blend in with your guests as much as possible while still being comfortable on our feet for a ten to twelve hour day. Ed wears smart trousers, shoes and a shirt and jacket while I wear black trousers, flat shoes and a blouse or tunic dress (something with pockets to stash extra batteries and lens caps in.)

Do you have insurance?

Yes. My insurance and indemnity coverage is valid when working within the UK and Europe and covers both our work and our equipment.

How do you choose the music for our films?

Music is a big part of filmmaking, it’s essential for building tension, expressing emotions, and helping films to flow. I love music and outside of filmmaking, I’m a classically trained musician in both violin and piano. The soundtracks I design are classically inspired with a contemporary, minimal twist, and I license the tracks from special royalty-free websites for filmmaking and video-production. I favour instrumental tracks over songs containing vocals, as instrumental tracks sit well with your voices and ambient sound blended over the top. You can get a feel for the music I use by watching the films in my portfolio.

Do you provide all the raw footage and photos too?

The short answer is no, but let me explain why.

We use two, sometimes three cameras and up to four different audio recording devices to capture all of the footage and audio needed to document each wedding day. Each wedding clocks in at between 100GB and 150GB of raw data and it is very far removed from the final films I deliver to you.

The data contains duplicate clips with flat colour profiles so that I can match footage between different brands of camera. It also includes scratch track audio which needs syncing and replacing with the high quality audio tracks from off-camera microphones and recorders.

A lot of work goes into post-production to showcase your wedding day in the best possible light. I feel quite strongly that if you were to see all of the raw footage it would somewhat spoil the magic.

Most couples trust me to select the footage that best tells their story and to curate their wedding films, and therefore their memories of their special day, on their behalf.

If I find in post-production that there are additional or duplicate clips that don’t make it into your films but that are beautiful, funny, emotional, or otherwise interesting, I will compile a complimentary ‘Bonus Reel’ for you and include the video alongside your other films. This little video will be colour treated to match your main set of films so that you have the footage for posterity.

Do we need to feed you?

We always appreciate a hot meal, but we don’t require one. We’re both vegan, so if you have a spare vegan meal going we wouldn’t say no, but we always bring our own meal with us too.

Do you charge for travel or accommodation?

As we live in Birmingham we are perfectly placed to film weddings up and down the country. All of my collections include travel within 50 miles of Birmingham which will take us up to the Peak District, down to the Cotswolds and Oxfordshire and over to the East Midlands as well as Shropshire and the Welsh borders. If we need to stay over the night before your wedding because of an early start or a particularly long drive, we will need to charge a supplement of £100 to cover the cost of a room in a local YHA or travel hotel.

We want to book you, how do we do that?

That’s great! Get in touch and let me know as much as possible about your wedding so that we can start making plans. I will then send you the private link to my full portfolio and pricing brochure. Let me know both of your names, your date and locations and as much as you like about your plans.

To reserve your date for you all I need is a signed contract and £300 of your package as a reservation deposit. The balance will be due 14 days before your wedding.

Curious about something else? send me an email!