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Sunday 2nd February 2020

Here’s a selection of photos I captured last night while watching Kevin Devine play Rough Trade in Bristol alongside support from Mark McCabe and Lande Hekt, both of whom are also fantastic songwriters and musicians I am glad I had the chance to catch live.

I don’t normally take photos at shows, but since it was a tiny record store show I knew it wouldn’t be a problem to have my proper camera on me, and that with silent shutter mode and using the viewfinder rather than the LCD it wouldn’t be too disruptive either. I go to a lot of shows and as a fan, my main issue with other people taking pictures is the sound of the shutter during an acoustic set, as well as the brightness of the screen if it’s held up above a head. I tried to just capture a frame or two here and there and listen to the music more than anything else. I was there first and foremost for the music. Thanks for an incredible evening of music Kevin, Lande and Mark, it was an amazing show and I’m still buzzing from it.