‘Eighteen & Cloudy’ is the name of my second YouTube channel, named for my favourite conditions to go for a photo walk (Celsius, obviously!) I started this channel in the spring of 2021 to have a space to share silent vlogs, ASMR videos, vegan cooking and baking videos, and videos about my hobbies. I have created playlists to group together the different series I create videos for, so either have a browse below or click through from any individual video to watch on YouTube direct.

British Microseasons

Reimagining the ancient Japanese concept of the “microseason” for the British climate and an urban environment. Seasonal observations from nature walks in and around Birmingham.

The Quiet Things | Vlogs

In celebration of the quiet moments in everyday life and life’s simple and seasonal pleasures.

The Outdoor Type | Adventures

In celebration of spending time outdoors in nature, getting your hands dirty, camping, foraging for food, and getting a little bit wet and muddy from time to time.

Vegan Cooking and Baking

Peaceful & relaxing vegan baking and cooking videos featuring either no music or a minimalist, classical soundtrack, and lots of lovely natural sounds for those of you who love ASMR.

Arts & Crafts | Vegan and Sustainable

Join me as I try my hand at vegan and sustainable arts and crafts such as soapmaking, bookbinding, pottery, paper making, flower pressing, dyeing fabric with food waste, and lots of other projects. I am an ethical vegan for animal welfare reasons, but I occasionally use secondhand or waste materials of animal origin rather than virgin synthetic or plastic based alternatives. This is for environmental reasons and part of a personal balancing act to reduce my impact and harm to animals and environment alike.