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Tuesday 28th April 2020

As a portrait photographer and documentary filmmaker, the physical distancing measures brought in as a result of the current coronavirus outbreak have meant I can’t work. It’s a frustrating situation, as I had weddings booked in and a whole programme of documentary filmmaking to look forward to this spring and summer, and it’s all had to be postponed. I was also planning on starting to offer more portrait photography sessions to local creatives in the Birmingham and West Midlands but those plans, too, are now on hold indefinitely.

My husband Ed is a teacher, and so he’s largely working from home at the moment, lesson planning in the living room. Itching to create something, I asked him to sit for some portraits for me so that I could work on improving my off camera flash lighting. Rather than having him sit and pose in a formal way, I just asked him to sit on the stool under my soft box and play his guitar. He found this much more relaxed than a traditional photo shoot as he could just get on and do his thing while I did mine. If you’re a musician, artist or creative and keen on booking a portrait photography session, but a bit camera shy, this could be the perfect set up for you too.

These images are lit with a single flash, off camera at 45 degrees to the camera and 45 degrees to the floor, using an 80cm octabox with a grid to modify the light and reduce fall off onto the wall behind Ed. I love moody, dramatic Vermeer style lighting when it comes to portraiture. These portraits were taken in our living room, just by shuffling the furniture around a bit.

If you’re looking for a portrait photographer in Birmingham and the West Midlands and are interested in working with me on a portrait shoot of your own, I’d love to hear from you. I can set up in your home, studio, or on location, and work with the space you have to create a set of natural light and soft box portraits showcasing who you are and the work you do. Get in touch to find out more.