Documentary photographer & filmmaker | Birmingham UK

Hi, I’m a documentary photographer and filmmaker based in Birmingham and I specialise in relaxed, natural environmental portraiture, editorial photography, and documentary filmmaking.

Environmental Portraiture

Environmental portraiture and documentary photography and filmmaking go hand in hand. I love telling stories about people and places. My approach to photography is very relaxed and documentary, but with attention to detail, light and composition. The most important part of my work is helping my subjects to relax in front of the camera and almost forget that I am there, which helps create natural looking images even for individuals who consider themselves camera shy.

Environmental portraiture and documentary photography enable you to showcase who you are and how you live or work in your own environment or workspace. Environmental portraiture is a beautiful way for artists, musicians, athletes and many other professionals to showcase their work and process, giving you a set of professional photographs to help promote the work you do. I love to keep things simple, streamlined, and personal, working in close collaboration with you and your own creative ideas and vision to create images that tell a story of who you are and the work you do.

I also enjoy working with charities and non-profits to help shine a light on the work they do, and am keen to take on projects with organisations with strong social and environmental values.

About Stéphanie

I am completely self taught in both photography and filmmaking having first picked up a camera to document the fieldwork stage of my PhD back in 2011. My doctoral research (ESRC CEELBAS) was concerned with the dialogue and decision making processes, past and present, surrounding energy security, geopolitics, and the construction of a nuclear power plant in Pomerania, northern Poland. Through a ‘Photo a Day’ project I documented the anti-nuclear protests I attended, visits to the abandoned construction site at Żarnowiec and the surrounding villages, and my everyday life as a PhD student in Gdańsk and Birmingham. What I intended to be a one year photography project turned into a daily habit which I have maintained ever since.

After completing my PhD I began filming and photographing weddings as a stopgap whilst searching for an academic job, but with time this morphed into something more long term and I continued with this work for five years until the pandemic forced weddings and events into hiatus. Since 2020 my work has been focused on shooting a small number of weddings and events each year as well as client work for individuals and non-profits. I have also been building audiences for my two YouTube channels.


I run two YouTube channels. My first channel, under my own name, is where I share my documentary films as well as photography and filmmaking tutorials. As a self taught photographer and filmmaker, knowledge and skill sharing are very important to me. I love helping others who are just getting started in photography and filmmaking find their feet.

In the spring of 2021 I launched a second channel on YouTube named Eighteen and Cloudy. Eighteen and Cloudy is the home of simple, everyday moments, peaceful or silent vlogs, ASMR vegan baking videos, and short films about my hobbies. It is an unapologetic celebration of a quiet and simple life in tune with the passing seasons.